Lifestyle July 27, 2020

Skip the Guest Room and Create a Home Gym

We all know that exercise is important and plays a vital role in living a healthy lifestyle that enhances our physical and mental wellbeing, but exercise comes in many different forms. For some it means daily walks or runs through their neighborhood, for others it may mean following a video, or weightlifting sessions in the gym. We all enjoy getting our exercise in different ways.

So, if getting into shape (or staying in shape) is a priority to you, why not turn that extra bedroom or bonus room into your own private gym. Here are some benefits to having your own gym and some equipment to help you get started.

Benefits of a Home Gym

You don’t have to leave

Some people enjoy working out first thing in the morning, while others get their workout in after work. When you have a gym at home, it’s easy to plan your workout session around your schedule….because what gets scheduled, gets done.

Clean Equipment

Having clean equipment is even more important as we continue to move forward post “shelter-in-place”. When you’re using equipment in a gym, you don’t know if the person before you cleaned it down or the last time the staff came by. The great thing about a home gym is you know the equipment is clean because you’re sanitizing it yourself.

Best Equipment for Your Home Gym


Dumbbells are great starter pieces for your home gym. You can get the set you need without investing a lot of money. The cost of dumbbells will range depending on the weight and metal used. Depending on your budget and how many set you plan to have, you may look at the adjustable dumbbell set, where you can slide in more weight on a single hand piece.

TRX Suspension Trainer

The TRX Suspension Trainer is the ultimate all-in-one piece of equipment. The TRX can be mounted or wrapped around your door. The best part of the TRX Suspension trainer is you’re able to get a full-body workout in, using nothing but gravity as your resistance. Check out the TRX website to see why this is probably the best piece of equipment you could own!

Resistance Loop Bands

Resistance bands are a great way to make a simple more, like a bridge or squat, even more intense. When you use a resistance band, you will quickly see your lower body workout have your quads, hamstrings, and glutes screaming. Resistance bands can be used for body weight exercises or weightlifting exercises. I use them all the time when I do Barre3 workouts at home. Most resistance bands come in packs, allowing you to start with easy or low resistance and gradually work up to more. The great thing about resistance loops is their prices start as low as $10!

Gliding Discs

Ready to get those wash-board abs you’ve been dream about? Then add as set of gliding to your home gym equipment. Most gliders are dual-sided, allowing you to use them on both carpet and hardwood. You’re able to work the core and lower body by performing a series of moves while holding the plank or bridge positions while moving either your hands or feet. Again, gliding discs are a regular prop for a Barre3 workout. Gliding discs can be found at all of your favorite sporting goods stores, Target, or Walmart, and are relatively inexpensive, ranging between $5–$15.

Are you ready to get started? I am! I’m headed up to my home office/yoga room for some time on my yoga mat. Be well!

Do you have any questions about setting up your own home gym? Contact me! I would be more than happy to provide some of the experience I’ve gained setting up my own space.