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Best Hardware Stores in East Dallas

These might be the coolest hardware store in all of East Dallas, and I definitely understand why my husband is always finding a reason to stop in these spots on the weekends.

When you live in the vibrant and bustling community of East Dallas, you quickly learn that this is a place where local businesses thrive and the community spirit is alive! 

And sometimes even the most mundane of tasks can turn into a memorable afternoon. Which is why I’m exploring the top three hardware stores that are not only essential for homeowners but also a treasure trove of inspiration for those seeking the perfect Father’s Day gifts. 

So, buckle up and get ready for an exhilarating journey through East Dallas!

Best Hardware Store #1

Nestled in the heart of Old Lake Highlands, at Northwest Highway and Easton, Rooster Home and Hardware is a hidden gem that provides customers with small town charm in the midst of Dallas. 

They carry an impressive variety of both indoor and outdoor items for your home, and their staff is always friendly and willing to help. 

If you’re looking to add farm fresh eggs to your home fridge, then Rooster has all you need to get started and to keep your chickens happy and thriving. They also have a beekeeper on staff and all the supplies you need to start your own bee colon.

One of my favorite aspects of Rooster is their family feel- you can feel their genuine commitment to the area and their customers. 

This old-school hardware shop will have you feeling like you’re stepping back in time, in the best way possible. 

Unsure of what you need, the knowledgeable staff will happily guide you in the right direction.

From touching up your garden to fixing a leaky faucet, Rooster provides all the necessary supplies to complete your project. 


Best Hardware Store #2

Looking for that perfect tool or gadget for dad this Father’s Day? Then head on over to Elliot’s Hardware in Casa Linda off Garland Rd and Buckner.  

Here, you won’t just find a store filled with aisles and shelves. Because unlike big-box hardware retailers, Elliot’s caters to home owners.

In the nuts and bolts section, you can buy the limited quantity you need for your project, rather than a quantity that would last you multiple lifetimes. And the Hardware Plus section at the back of the store has every door handle, drawer or cabinet pull, towel rack, and faucet you could ever want!

Need a little guidance? Just ask, and their engaging team of hardware experts will lead you in the right direction.

It’s like having a personal consultant for all your hardware and home improvement needs!


Best Hardware Store #3

Picture this: you’re browsing through power tools while sipping a cold beverage and watching sports. No, you’re not at home.

With big screen TVs all around the store tuned to sporting events, and a bar tucked in the back,  Stone’s Ace Hardware in the Casa View neighborhood is not just your average hardware store.

The staff here is incredibly welcoming and helpful, and they go above and beyond to assist you in finding whatever you need. 

From nails to paintbrushes, and power tools to grills, they’ve got  it all! 

And what makes Stone’s truly special is a level of coolness that  you won’t find anywhere else. 

Stop by the first Saturday of every month for a beer, and live music while you shop for whatever you need for your home or backyard oasis. 

So, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or you don’t want to miss any game that’s on TV, Stone’s Ace Hardware is your go to shop.


There you have it, folks—the top three best hardware stores in East Dallas! 

From the unique experience at Stone’s to the charming ambiance of Rooster, and the unparalleled service at Elliot’s, these local businesses have it all. 

Not only can you find everything you need for your home projects, but they also serve as the ultimate inspiration for finding that perfect Father’s Day gift!

So, let’s support our community, live the East Dallas spirit, and make these hardware stores your go-to destinations!


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