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Home Improvement Best Hardware Stores in East Dallas These might be the coolest hardware store in all of East Dallas, and I definitely understand why my husband is always finding a reason to stop in these spots on the weekends. When you live in the vibrant and bustling community of East Dallas, you quickly learn that this is a place where local businesses […]
Home Improvement Tips for Organizing your Home An organized house can help you achieve an organized life, which is particularly helpful if you lead a very busy life. Ultimately, you can save time, effort and mental energy by doing some maintenance and organizing your home. You won’t be late to work or school if you don’t have to spend extra time finding […]
Home Improvement Top Tips to Keep Pets Happy During Holiday Parties The end of the year is the season for good food, get-togethers, and holiday parties. Since most of us were deprived of celebrating the holidays to the fullest last year thanks to the pandemic, we’re sure you’re doubly excited about this year’s festivities. As you get your home all decked out for the celebrations, don’t […]
Home Improvement Open Floor Plans….Is This The End? Open-concept living has been growing in popularity over the last few decades. Research from Zillow shows that listings that mention open floor plans and layouts have more than doubled over the last five years. There are benefits to open concept living. It makes the space feel bigger and brighter. However, the practicality of shared spaces […]
Home Improvement 31 Ways to Declutter Your Home Most of us are doing more at home these days. Working from home. Cooking more meals at home. Eating more take-out at home. Working out at home. Kids at home all day. Entertaining ourselves at home. I think you get the point. We’re using our homes in ways that we haven’t in the past, especially […]
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