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Buying a Home Housing Market Update | East Dallas | September 2023 If you’re a homeowner in East Dallas or planning to become one, I’m going to be sharing a BS free update on the latest housing market trends from August 2023. What does BS free mean? It means no exaggerated statements and just the straight goods. Make sure you stick around to the end of this […]
Buying a Home East Dallas Market Update | August 2023 If you’re a homeowner in East Dallas or planning to become one, you’ll want to read this blog or watch the video update because I’m sharing the latest real estate market trends, in East Dallas, from July 2023.  Make sure you watch or read all the way to the end so that you can take […]
Home Selling How Much Is Your Home Really Worth? Recently, I received a call from a woman who has been thinking of selling. She said, “Robyn, I need to hurry up and sell because the housing market is going downhill.” I replied, “Well, I am working with several buyers right now and they’ve all been in multiple offer situations thus far in 2023, so […]
Home Selling Get Top Dollar for Your Home with These 11 Tips   Almost every home seller I meet with starts the conversation with a statement and then a question. First they let me know that they want to get top dollar for their home. I want them to get top dollar too! Second, they ask me what they need to do to get their home ready […]
Buying a Home Everything You Need to Know About Buying and Selling a Home Simultaneously   Have your current living conditions changed to the point that you’re ready to do something about it? Do you need a home with more space or less space or space that’s just more functional for how you live now?  For whatever reason, you’re ready to make a change but you’re not sure how to […]
Home Selling 9 Tips to Avoid Buying a Flip that’s Lipstick on a Pig You think you’re ready to buy a house in East Dallas  and you know you want one that’s already been remodeled because either you don’t know the first thing about home improvements or, if you do, you really don’t have the time for a big project. You need a home that’s turnkey, or move-in ready, […]
Buying a Home How Much Does it Really Cost to Live Near White Rock Lake?   Do you dream of living in a home that has convenient access to White Rock Lake, but you’re not really sure how much it costs to get into those neighborhoods? Afterall, Zillow is only showing you the list price, not the final sale price. Watch the video below or keep reading, and I’ll break […]
Home Selling Lochwood Market Update : November 2022 If you try to stay up to speed on what’s going on with the real estate market, you may be unsure which sources you should trust. After all, the national media would have you believe that the real estate sky is falling. Local publications print conflicting headlines and information, sometimes within the same issue. So, […]
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Client Success Success Story | 10510 Lippitt in Lochwood   This is a long success story about selling a Lochwood home, 10510 Lippitt, during summer and fall of 2022. As always, I will provide valuable information for home sellers and home buyers. If you happen to live in Lochwood and drive down Lippitt frequently, you’ll want to read this blog so that you can […]
Buying a Home Home Buyer and Seller Success Story – 2835 Lee Street This is a success story with valuable information for a home buyer and/or seller. It’s about a listing that that my buyer-client put under contract, almost immediately, once it was priced correctly. What the home buyer did right My client, the buyer of 2835 Lee Street, was a dream to work with for a few […]
Home Selling Selling the family home – Success story   I am an SRES, Senior Real Estate Specialist, which means that selling homes for older generations is a specialty of mine. I am now at the age where talk of selling the family home for mom and/or dad is becoming a regular occurrence among my friends and my own family. This is a blog […]
Buying a Home 3 Benefits to Hiring a Real Estate Agent HGTV, real estate reality shows and the news media portray an oversimplified version of the real estate market and transaction process, which can make it difficult to know if a professional is worth the commission they charge. Here are three reasons why it’s a no-brainer hiring a full-time real estate agent to help you buy […]
Home Selling Family Life and Selling Your Home When it comes to selling your home, it can suddenly feel like your life is a juggling act. Between keeping the house show-ready, ensuring your kids don’t feel like they’re living in a museum, and still having some control of your life, there’s a good chance you’re suddenly wondering if moving is the right thing […]
Home Selling Home Sellers Join Market as Demand Climbs Temperatures are cooling, but new data shows that the real estate market is still hot. New reports from Zillow and Realtor.com show that home sellers feel more confident listing their homes for sale. According to Zillow’s report, more new listings came onto the market in the first week of September than at any other point […]